Dryer Repair

Why not let an experienced service engineer handle the dryer repair for you?

Having a problem with your tumble dryer can be a real hassle, especially during cold and humid weather. Luckily, our appliance repair service in London is just what you need to deal with the unpleasant situation and keep on with your day-to-day tasks. Call us, and we will fix your dryer in no time!

Enjoy a flawlessly working dryer by booking the best dryer repair service in your area!

Appliance Repair Near Me’s skilled technicians will diagnose the issue with any faulty parts of your tumble dryer and do the necessary work to fix or replace them:

  • Replacement of tumble dryer drum
  • Unblocking air pumps
  • Repair of a defective thermostat
  • Repair and replacement of a faulty heating unit  
  • Fixing and replacement of the thermal fuse
  • Replacements of door gasket, switch, hinges, and handle
  • Diagnose and repair power supply problems
  • Diagnose and fix electrical faults
  • Replacement of circuit board
  • Replacement of damaged motor, rollers, and belt
  • Replacement of faulty wires
  • Cleaning or replacement of the dryer filter
  • And many more!

Let Appliance Repair Near Me Take Care of Your Tumble Dryer!

Our experienced professionals can diagnose and repair various faults with numerous brands of dryers. Here are some of the most common problems occurring with tumble dryers:

Dryer Won’t Start
Often, if the dryer won’t run at all this is caused by an electrical problem with thermal fuses or the door switch, for example. Other reasons the dryer won’t start can be burned out circuit board or a defective timer. Our repair engineers can easily diagnose why the appliance won’t start. Most electrical issues can be fixed fast and easy, while others, like a faulty circuit board, may require replacement. The most common mechanical problem that prevents the dryer from running is a defective drive motor, which can also be replace.

Tumble Dryer Doesn’t Heat Up
This issue can be a result of various reasons – from failure in the thermal fuse to faulty heating unit. In most cases, if the dryer won’t heat the issue can be diagnosed and fixed right away. Our professionals can also share with you simple yet measures you can take to prevent the problem from occurring again and thus prolong the lifespan of the appliance.

The Dryer is Overheating
Several issues can be the reason why your tumble dryer is getting too hot. Insufficient airflow, caused by clogged filters or pipes, a faulty thermostat of older model dryers as well as problems with the thermistor in newer ones are all common culprits causing overheating of your appliance. Our engineers can diagnose all of these electrical or mechanical issues and do the necessary cleaning, repairs or replacements to stop the overheating of your dryer.

Tumble Dryer Makes Loud Noises
Call our experienced repairmen if your appliance gets unusually loud for no apparent reason.  When the dryer is making thumbing or squealing noises the problem can be related to flattened or worn out rollers, as well as a damaged belt. Our engineers will replace the faulty part in no time and ensure the flawless, quiet work of the appliance.

Benefits of Booking Appliance Repair Near Me

  • Monday to Sunday dryer repairs
  • Skilled and reliable engineers
  • Same day booking available
  • Emergency appliance repair
  • Fixed service fee
  • Enjoy a wide service coverage
  • Book us in all London boroughs

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