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Why not let a skilled engineer handle the extractor hood repair for you?

The extractor hood has become an indispensable part of our kitchen, especially in big cities where cracking a window isn’t always the best solution if you want to get rid of humidity or unpleasant smells Appliance Repair Near Me provides extractor hood repair services in all London boroughs. No problem is too small or too complicated for us! Our service engineers can diagnose and fix your appliance for you saving you a lot of money, time, and efforts.

Enjoy a flawlessly working extractor hood by booking the best service engineers in London!

Appliance Repair Near Me will connect you with trained service engineers who can detect various cooker hood faults and do the repair jobs:

  •    Replacement of light bulb
  •    Unblocking vent pipes
  •    Sourcing and replacing faulty wires and connectors
  •    Changing damaged switches
  •    Cleaning and replacement of faulty bearings
  •    Diagnose electronic control module faults
  •    Repair or replacement of cooker hood’s motor
  •    Cleaning grime and fat built-ups inside
  •    Maintenance of filters and fans
  •    Sourcing and fixing short circuits  
  •    and many more!

Let Appliance Repair Near Me Fix Your Extractor Hood!

Although extractor hoods are among the simplest kitchen appliances, they often get in trouble. If you think of it, this uncomplicated system works in extreme conditions all the time – high humidity, hot temperatures, and boiling food splashing everything around. Here are some of the most common faults occurring with cooker hoods:

The Cooker Hood is Too Noisy
If there is excessive or unusual noise the most likely source is the blower motor and the exhaust fan motor, as well as the bearings. Like all parts, bearings get worn out over the years and need to be replaced and maintained. However, sometimes the reason why bearings are failing and the appliance is producing loud noises is grease built-ups inside the device. Grease deposits on the fan brush also lead vibrations when the appliance is running and can make loud noises. A noisy extractor hood may also suggest there is an external object stuck within the fan wheel housing. Whatever the reason behind the unusual sounds coming from the appliance, don’t ignore it – book our engineers to source and fix the issue.

The Extractor Hood’s Fan or Light Aren’t Working
Extractor hood’s lights as any other parts have a certain lifespan. In most cases changing the old light bulb fixes the problem. Sometimes there might be a fault with the light bulb holder, but this unit can too, be replaced. If both the fan and lamp of the appliance are not working, this could be a result of defected switches of the cooker hood. Faulty wiring and connectors can also be the culprit if the fan/light are not working. Appliance Repair Near Me’ trained technicians can fix any of these issues in no time.

Poor Airflow and Extraction
There are a few reasons why the cooker hood doesn’t extract the fumes and odours efficiently. Inefficient venting usually points to a problem within the Exhaust, Fan, or Blower Motors. An experienced services engineer can easily replace the blades if they are damaged. Another common reason for poor airflow is the physical blockage of the modules. Ventilation pipes and extractor hood’s filters can also be clogged by house dust and food and grease built-ups preventing the proper extraction and airflow.

The Extractor Hood Won’t Start
There might be several reasons why the appliance doesn’t start even when connected to a power source. Faulty wiring or connectors are among the most common culprits. A worn out control switch may also prevent the appliance from working. Short circuits caused by water condensation and food built-ups inside the system can prevent the extractor hood to start and are also a potential fire hazard.

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  •    Emergency cooker hood repairs
  •    Fixed one-off service price
  •    A wide array of appliance repair services
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