Washer Dryer Repair

Why not let a skilled service engineer handle the washer dryer repair for you?

If your washer dryer doesn’t work correctly, this can become a massive obstacle to the usual course of your day-to-day life. Luckily, Appliance Repair Near Me provides a professional and affordable service for fixing any problem with your machine! Our experienced engineers will repair the appliance for you and help you save money, time, and efforts.

Enjoy a flawlessly working washer dryer by hiring the best servicemen in London!

Appliance Repair Near Me will bring skilled engineers to your home. Our servicemen can diagnose various faults and perform the following washer dryer repairs:

  •   Replacement of the machine’s drum
  •   Unclogging drain pumps
  •   Fixing faults of the pressure system
  •   Replacements of door, hinges, gasket, handle
  •   Repair or replacement of a faulty heater
  •   Diagnose and fix problems with the spin cycle
  •   Replacement of washer dryer belts, motor brushes, rollers, faulty wiring
  •   Programming/installation of a timer unit
  •   Replacement of mains filter, cleaning the lint filter 
  •   Cleaning or replacement of dryer filter
  •   Fixing or replacement of the thermal fuse
  •   Unblocking air pumps
  •   Fix a defective thermostat
  •   And many more!

Our experienced servicemen have vast experience in diagnosing and fixing various faults with numerous brands of appliances. Here are a few of the most common issues we face when dealing with washer dryer combos:

Your Laundry Is Not Dried Properly
If your clothes come wet out of the appliance, the issue can be caused by a number of reasons – from faults of the thermal fuse to failure of the heating unit. In most cases, if the washer dryer won’t heat enough, the issue can be found and fixed right away. Our professional service engineers can also share some measures you can take to prevent the re-occurrence of the problem and thus prolong the lifespan of your washer dryer.

Washer Dryer Makes Loud Noises
Call our experienced servicemen if the washer dryer gets too loud for no obvious reason. When the appliance is making squealing or thumbing noises, the problem could be caused by flattened or worn out rollers or a damaged belt. Our repairmen will find the faulty part and replace it in no time, thus ensuring the flawless and quiet work of your washer dryer machine.

Washer Dryer Doesn’t Drain
The most common reason the appliance is full of water and not draining after a cycle is usually a physical blockage somewhere in the washer-dryer. We at, Appliance Repair Near Me, have come with a systematic method of inspecting all the possible issues that could be causing the problem to fix the machine. Our service engineer will examine for blockages inside while making sure the captured water won’t spill all over your floor.

The Appliance Doesn’t Spin
One of the most frequent occasions for searching an appliance repair service is when the washer dryer is not spinning properly – or at all. Various faults can cause problems with the spinning cycle – issues with the drive belt, the drive motor or with the pump. In modern washer dryer machines, failure of the modules for electrical control can also result in problems with the spinning. Whatever the problem with your appliance, you can be sure our experienced engineers will diagnose it and fix it.

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Benefits of Booking Appliance Repair Near Me

  •   Washer dryer repairs 7 days a week
  •   Skilled and reliable service engineers
  •   Same day bookings available
  •   Rely on us in emergency situations
  •   Fixed one-off service fee
  •   Enjoy a wide service coverage
  •   We work in all London boroughs

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