Microwave Repairs

Why not let an experienced engineer handle the microwave repair for you?

If your microwave stops working, you can call us, and we will solve the problem fast and easy! Our servicemen have vast experience in fixing various types and brands of electric appliances. Call us for any microwave repair job in London. We will diagnose and fix the fault and help you save your time, money and efforts.

Leave the Microwave Repair to Best Servicemen in London!

Appliance Repair Near Me has a team of experienced engineers who can troubleshoot and fix various microwave issues:

  • Cleaning or replacement of magnetrons
  • Replacement of capacitors
  • Diagnosing and replacement of faulty transformers
  • Replacement of the high voltage fuses
  • Replacement of monitor fuses
  • Diagnosing and fixing faults in Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Changing door switches
  • Replacement of turntable motors and brushes
  • Replacement of bulbs
  • Replacement of mains lead and faulty wiring
  • Cleaning or replacement of fans

Let Appliance Repair Near Me Fix the Microwave For You!

Our skilled engineers are trained to diagnose and repair various brands of electrical appliances. Here are a few of the most common faults occurring with microwave ovens:

Microwave Doesn’t Heat

This is a common problem. The most popular reason why the microwave ovens stop heating is magnetron failure. This device uses a high voltage power supply to produce microwave frequency and cook food. The only way to deal with burned out magnetron is to replace it as the part cannot be repaired. Other probable causes of problems with the heating could be capacitor burn, faulty diodes, defective door switch or a transformer failure.

Microwave Starts and Then Stops

Possible causes behind this problem could be a failed transformer, faulty door switch, defective touchpad or faulty fan motor. Appliance Repair Near Me can send trained engineers your way to diagnose the faults and fix them. Our specialist will bring everything they need to get your microwave up and running in no time.

Microwave Oven Buttons Don’t Work

If the buttons of your microwave oven do not work well or at all this can be caused by a faulty or damaged touchpad or control panel. Defective buttons can also indicate faults with the main control board or problems with the wiring. Whatever the issue our skilled service engineers can diagnose it and repair the appliance.

The Plate of the Microwave Doesn’t Spin

Microwave ovens have a rotating motor below their plates which controls the rotation of the spinning tray. Thus the most probable cause of the problem is a worn-out or burned motor. Luckily, this part can be easily replaced. However, if the microwave’s motor is not defective, this points out that the fault is in the main control board. If the control board is working, then the problem could be caused by the touchpad or by the control panel.

Benefits of Booking Appliance Repair Near Me

  •   Microwave repairs 7 days a week
  •   Trained and reliable engineers
  •   Same day bookings possible
  •   Rely on us in an emergency situation
  •   Fixed one-off fee for the appliance repair service
  •   Take advantage of extended service coverage
  •   Book as at all London boroughs

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